My Story

I was always hungry as a child (for food and for life) and started cooking with my family in Southern China by the time I was 5 years old, learning my family’s recipes that were passed down from generation-to-generation.
My childhood was adventurous being raised in China until I was 8 years old then living in Perth, Brooklyn and finally Chicago where my family ran a Chinese restaurant.
While in Chicago and working for my family’s Chinese take-out restaurant, I loved cooking & working with my family and gained invaluable kitchen experience while I was there. However, I always felt something was missing – it just wasn’t the same food I remembered growing up and cooking in China. It wasn’t until I moved out on my own to the west coast and landed in San Diego where I reconnected with my Chinese roots through my passion for brewing kombucha.
When I moved to Southern California I discovered the craft beer movement and why California Burritos have such a reputation – I was definitely hooked and definitely gained some weight I hadn’t been used to. When I looked to options to lose weight I remembered a PBS special I had seen about probiotics and after little results from probiotics in pill form, a friend pointed me in the right direction and towards kombucha. At a ‘Friendsgiving’ I was given my first SCOBY to begin my life-changing adventure into Kombucha Brewing and the next few months were filled with amber colored jars all over my apartment until I got my recipe just right.
As I learned more about Kombucha, the fermentation process and how it contained multiple different health benefits I decided to start officially brewing in 2013.
I first started creating JinBucha out of a commercial kitchen in Ocean Beach and later began to distribute to local restaurants, farmer’s markets and bars all over San Diego.

My Mission

My mission is to introduce San Diego and the North Park area to kombucha along with the food & culture I remember and love from my childhood growing up in Southern China. Through discovering kombucha in San Diego I was able to rediscover my roots, ignite my passion for cooking and I want nothing more than to give back and share this with the local community.
I believe by sharing my kombucha and creating a modern tasting room to keep up with the local beer breweries, I can create an interesting and welcomed alternative space. By serving both authentic and updated versions of my family’s recipes JinBucha will add to the culinary diversity of North Park as well. Not only will I serve Kombucha, food and host classes – I plan on JinBucha being a space to host art events, music gatherings and healthful adventures that will bring people together through food, culture, friendships and fermentation.

Goals and innovation.

I moving forward with a addition to JinBuCha by summer of 2017.  We are adding a outdoor patio gazebo space for shade and extra seating.
Please come support JinBuCha just by visiting us.   I stride on quality control on all of my kombucha brews so that all products have the same great taste that people will come to expect from the JinBucha name.
I plan to work closely with other small, local and artisanal businesses in order to build with the community and do my part in supporting the local economy. By maintaining these relationships my business will support the community, co-sponsor events and create interesting experiences that will be remembered along with the Jinbucha name.
 I am currently renting out the kitchen space to local purveyors and the seating area for special events.  Please check our kitchen rental page for more details.